Delta Community College brings hope

This holiday season Delta Community College is facilitating two initiatives to support those in need in our community, and help bring a deeper sense of community to their adult learners. 


The ‘Tree of Hopes and Wishes’ campaign works to bring adult students together over the holidays. Messages of hope, love and peace are written by students on colourful gift tags and hung on a tree at the college.


“The expression or message could be a wish for the health of a loved one, support for a friend, happiness for their children, or hope for peace in their former country,” says Alyson Caouette, Administrator at Delta Community College. “As the tags are completed, students hang the individual hopes and wishes on the tree. The result is a beautifully decorated Christmas tree covered with messages of love, hope and kindness.”


Delta Community College has a number of adult students from refugee families living in the community.  “They have experienced enough hardship and trauma,” adds Caouette. “The intention behind the Tree of Hopes and Wishes is to build a sense of kindness and caring within our school community.”


In addition to the Hopes and Wishes tree is the annual food drive for Deltassist.


Under the Christmas tree adorned with positive messages in Delta Community College, are dozens of boxes of donated food—much of it donated by students who may have very little in their own cupboards. 


 “This is the second year of partnering with North Delta Rotary  and we are very grateful for their support,” says Caouette. “I am so impressed with the generosity of our students and staff. We encourage everyone to bring non-perishable food items to school, and then on December 16th a volunteer from North Delta Rotary will load up the boxes and deliver them to Deltassist.”


Delta Community College will also accept donations from community members.


Drop your non-perishable food items off before December 16th at the college 11590 – 83 Avenue, Delta.  

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