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India has the second highest number of adults planning to migrate to other countries

Forty-Two percent of Indians view Donald Trump as a strong, charismatic and well qualified leader

Sameer Verma forced to withdraw from next week's Canadian Grand Prix due to failing to get a visa on time

Parents of Canadian man and American woman make direct plead to Afghan Taliban

Local news

Aga Khan’s Diamond Jubilee brings into focus a spiritual leader’s contributions to our world

Few of new Conservative party leader Andrew Scheer's policy ideas likely to make 2019 platform say strategists

Recent shooting at Quebec City mosque only further illustrates the rise of Islamaphobia in North America

Prohibition bar at Hotel Georgia introduces new cocktail featuring distinctive Asian spice

Regional news

Mother’s Day is one of the most popular days for brunches, lunches, dinners, and activities

One of the top comments is “Hello Indian brother! Tibet belongs to China.”

Over the past 10 years, the number of EB-5 visas issued to Asian investors has grown from 16 in 2005 to 6,895 in 2013.

Fang-Yi Sheu and friends headline the Vancouver International Dance Festival from March 12-21