Restaurant Review: Punje Spice Indian Restaurant

By Sherman Chan,
Special to The Post


We had the Prawn Pakora and the Chili Chicken with gravy. Buttery with a cold-water crunch, the prawns were lightly battered. The chicken was tender and moist while bathed in a sweet, slightly spicy and tangy sauce. This would've been good with rice.

We had the Butter Chicken which was noticeably creamy and rich, but a bit too sweet. We would've preferred more tomato paste for more balance and tang. But this was still good. I loved the rich onion and coriander flavour of the Lamb Rogen Josh. The tomato and ginger really made the flavours sing. Unfortunately, the lamb was dry.

We loved the Prawn Curry. The prawns were cooked just right. The Chicken Tikka was a hit. The pieces of chicken were all tender and nicely charred on the outside. We could taste the tang from the yogurt as well as all of the spice rub.  This was our favourite dish of the night.

We had the Muttar Paneer which was impactful and tasty. There was a sweetness to the curry. Despite the sweetness, the cumin brought balance to the dish. The nuggets of paneer were on point. The Aloo Gobi featured tender cauliflower that was not overdone while the potatoes were a bit underdone. The onion and ginger came through.

In addition to coconut rice, we also had the Garlic Naan and also the Stuffed Naan (with spinach, onions and cheese). Nicely charred and slightly crispy, the naan was soft and chewy. The stuffed naan tasted good, but was too wet. Overall, the meal was good. Some dishes could've been better, but considering the price point, the food was tasty. Service was a sparse, but it was kind and gracious. Not bad for White Rock.


Punje Spice Indian Restaurant

1588 George Street, White Rock, BC


The Good:

• Reasonable-prices

• Kind and friendly staff

• Decent eats


The Bad:

• Decent, but not without faults


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