Top 10 highest paid Bollywood Divas

The showbiz industry Bollywood is the short and straight way to become rich. Earlier it was heroes who made most out of it in terms of money. However, now the table has turned completely, actresses are no less in this race. Let’s check out the list of 10 highest paid Bollywood actress of 2016 that earn in millions and are given lead roles in movies.(one crore is 10 million rupees or about CAD$$203,000)


1) Deepika Padukone


The first number is occupied by our favorite Mastani Deepika Padukone. She gets paid around 10-12 Crore Rs for her every film. Now her debut in Hollywood has opened a lot more ways for her to earn extra.


2) Kangana Ranaut


Following the list, the Queen of Bollywood Kangana is the second number in terms of salary. She came out as one of the best actresses of the current generation. She takes 10-11 crore Rs for her film and that will make second highest paid actress in the Bollywood.


3) Kareena Kapoor


The begum has her own royalties in terms of money. She earns around 9-10 Crore Rs for her films. So she hit the third position in the list.


4) Priyanka Chopra


The Desi Girl has become the fourth highest paid actress in the Bollywood. According to the sources due to her Hollywood debut, she has given the less time in the Bollywood. Her per Hindi film remuneration is around 8-9 crores Rs.


5) Vidya Balan


The Dirty Picture actress is one of the biggest and best performers of Hindi film industry. With her desi looks and hard-core acting skills, she managed to earn 6-7 crores Rs for her each film.


6) Katrina Kaif


The beautiful actress of all time Katrina Kaif gets 5-6 Crore Rs for every film. It speculates that her slightly less fee per movie helps her grab more movies as compared to other actresses.


7) Anushka Sharma


Anushka Sharma the NH10 actresses with her powerful acting skills and performance managed to earn 4-6 Crore Rs for her every film.


8) Alia Bhatt


The bubbly actress and the current favorite actress of Indian youth have proved her talent in only 3 years. She gets approximately 4-5 Crore remuneration for her every film.


9) Sonakshi Sinha


The Dabangg actress is as Dabangg as in terms of salary too. She is one of the highest paid Bollywood actresses of Bollywood who earns around 4 Crore Rs for her every film.


10) Shraddha Kapoor


She made a huge fan following with her film Aashiqui 2. She takes Rs 3 Crore for her every film. She is just amazing!


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